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Professional Maternity Photography in Wellington, Lower Hutt

Celebrate your Pregnancy Journey with Stunning and gorgeous maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot Session

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling your best – I’ll make sure you look and feel amazing on the day of your maternity photoshoot! It’s best to come in between 32 and 36 weeks.

Maternity shoots are a blast! You’ll feel pampered and special. I can even arrange for a hair and makeup artist and help you pick out the perfect outfit from my collection of designer gowns and accessories.

My maternity portraits range from simple and natural to glamorous stylized images. You get to choose the style that suits you best, whether it’s a flowy Maternity dress or something more intimate. We can shoot in my cozy studio or a beautiful outdoor spot.
At my Lower Hutt studio, we boast an extensive range of backdrops, Maternity Dresses making it possibly Wellington’s best photo studio. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, we can venture to Lower Hutt or other scenic spots in Wellington for a maternity photoshoot amidst landscapes, beaches, or any other location of your choosing.

Reach out today to schedule your maternity photoshoot in Lower Hutt with Wellington’s Best Photographer. Let’s capture the beauty and joy of this special moment in your life.

A serene moment captured during a maternity photography session
Cherishing the Pregnancy Journey

Gorgeous and Stylish Professional Maternity Photography

Kind Words

Creating timeless memories with professional maternity photography

Kind Words

I just wanted to take a few moments to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful maternity photo shoot experience you provided to us. You both were amazing, and made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire session. We never felt rushed and appreciated the time you took to ensure that we captured all the special moments.

The photographs are simply beautiful, and we are thrilled to have such stunning memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism, we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for personalized and memorable photography services.

We appreciate everything you did for us, and we look forward to future opportunities to work with you again. (Vikrant Chaure and Kavya)

Vikrant Chaure and Kavya

We chose Ruchika for a maternity shoot last year and it was a good decision. We were extremely happy with our photos and had a wonderful experience working with her and DJ. I can’t even explain how wonderful the pictures are, we were blown away by the quality. She and DJ worked very well and made us comfortable and they were able to get the most lovely shots from both of us because of it. She is a very talented photographer and I highly recommend her to anyone else looking for a maternity photographer.
Happy to work on future too.

Udhaya Thiraviam

My words cannot express how much we have enjoyed our entire experience with you during our maternity shoot, Ruchika. You are an amazing and gifted photographer, and the outcomes never cease to astound me. Your calm and kind demeanor, and your constant check-ins to ensure we are happy with the work, truly set you apart. Even when there is a time constraint, you approach the entire maternity photography session with such patience and never rush. With all the angles you planned to photograph, you made us feel very at ease, and without a doubt, the finished result was excellent and exceeded our expectations.

Although we initially approached you just for pregnancy photography, you aimed to cover both maternity photos and perfect family pictures. I hope your profession takes you to new heights; you will always be amazing with your stunning shots. I strongly advise everyone to get in touch with you at ‘Ruchika Jain Photography’ for any event where they want to save special recollections. I’ve already started arranging to come see you soon for additional photo sessions. Thank you, and God bless you.

Salma Imamunnisa

My husband and I had our maternity shoot done at Ruchika Jain Photography studio, and we are so glad we chose Ruchika and DJ for this. They are a lovely couple who make you feel comfortable and approachable, from booking to patiently answering all our queries. They were absolutely amazing and made us feel at ease, even though we were a bit nervous about the maternity shoot since it was our first time. They made our experience so enjoyable.

During the shoot, we were able to see the in-between shots, and the way those moments were captured was amazing and so special to us. We are very excited to see the final product. Ruchika has a great collection of maternity gowns and can help you choose the perfect one. The studio also has other props to include in the shoot. The best part was how perfectly the shoot was done without rushing, giving us ample time to fix and change our clothes.

Overall, we can’t thank them enough and were extremely satisfied after finishing the shoot. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing session with creative, friendly, and professional photographers specializing in maternity photography, pregnancy photography, and maternity photos.

Saloni Nagpal

I just wanted to write and say thank you, Ruchika, for the amazing maternity photos you have taken for us. They are so beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. You have managed to capture exactly the way I feel about my pregnancy and my baby, and I will treasure them forever. Initially, I was a little nervous as I was already 37 weeks pregnant, but you understood me and made me comfortable. Thank you for the incredible pregnancy photography.

Shella Gauniyal

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When is the best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot?

The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is between 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, your belly is nicely round, showcasing the beautiful progress of your pregnancy, which is perfect for pregnancy photography. Additionally, you are still relatively comfortable moving around, allowing for a more enjoyable and relaxed photo session. This timing strikes a balance between having a prominent baby bump and maintaining the ease of movement, which is crucial for capturing those intimate and natural moments.

If you’re considering pregnancy photography in Wellington, this timeframe will help you get the best results. The goal of maternity photography is to celebrate and document this special time in your life, and scheduling your session between 28 to 36 weeks ensures that you look and feel your best in the photos. So, plan your maternity photography session during these weeks to create lasting memories of your pregnancy journey.

Can I bring my partner or family members to the Maternity Photo shoot?

Yes, we encourage partners and family members to join in the maternity photo shoot to make it a special and memorable experience. Including your loved ones adds a personal touch to your pregnancy photography, capturing the joy and excitement shared by everyone as you anticipate the arrival of your baby. These photos become cherished keepsakes, highlighting the love and support surrounding you during this beautiful time.

When planning your maternity photography session, especially for pregnancy photography in Wellington, consider inviting those closest to you. This not only enhances the emotional depth of the photos but also makes the experience more enjoyable and meaningful. Your partner, children, or even extended family members can participate, creating a diverse and heartwarming collection of images. So, feel free to bring your family along to make your pregnancy photography session a truly unforgettable occasion.

What should I wear for the Maternity shoot?

To ensure you have an incredible experience and feel absolutely stunning during your maternity shoot, we have curated an exclusive collection of exquisite maternity gowns from around the world. Our range offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes, catering to every body type, making your pregnancy photography session truly special. Each gown is carefully crafted and custom designed with super stretchy fabrics that gracefully adapt to your changing body, ensuring both comfort and a flawless fit.

During the fitting, we can also make minor adjustments to ensure that the gown is perfect for you. We truly believe that every client deserves to feel amazing and create lasting memories, which is why our maternity gowns are included in your package. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive, as they fall in love with the gowns and often express how they never want to take them off.

For those seeking pregnancy photography in Wellington, our stunning maternity gowns are an integral part of the experience. We are dedicated to making you feel your absolute best, and our collection of gowns plays a crucial role in achieving that. Whether it’s a classic style or a more contemporary look, our gowns will help you look and feel radiant in your maternity photography session.

Can I choose the location for the shoot?

Yes, we offer both studio and outdoor sessions, and you can choose the location that best suits your vision for your maternity shoot. Whether you prefer the controlled environment and diverse backdrops of a studio session or the natural beauty and unique scenery of an outdoor shoot, we have options to cater to your preferences. This flexibility ensures that your pregnancy photography experience is tailored to your personal style and comfort.

For those interested in pregnancy photography in Wellington, you can select from various picturesque outdoor locations that capture the essence of your journey. The natural landscapes of Wellington provide stunning backdrops for maternity photography, adding a unique and personal touch to your photos. Alternatively, our studio sessions offer a wide range of settings and lighting options to create timeless and elegant images.

Whichever location you choose, we are committed to making your maternity photography session a memorable and enjoyable experience, reflecting your vision and celebrating this special time in your life.

Can I get my hair and makeup done in the studio?

Yes, we book a professional hair and makeup artist for you to give you the best makeover in the studio just before the shoot. This service ensures you look and feel your absolute best for your maternity photography session. A professional artist will enhance your natural beauty, creating a look that complements the style and theme of your photos.

For those considering pregnancy photography in Wellington, this added service is a fantastic way to elevate your experience. Having your hair and makeup done by a professional can make a significant difference, boosting your confidence and ensuring that you are camera-ready. Please discuss the details with us to tailor the hair and makeup to your preferences and to coordinate the timing.

Including professional hair and makeup in your maternity photography package helps create a seamless and stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the session and capturing beautiful memories. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and luxurious maternity photography experience, and this service is a key part of that commitment.

What about pigmentation and stretch marks? Won't they make my photos look off?

Don’t worry about pigmentation and stretch marks at all. We can remove any unwanted marks in the editing process, ensuring you have beautiful and flawless photos. Our skilled editors are experienced in retouching maternity photography to enhance your natural beauty while maintaining a realistic and polished look.

For those interested in pregnancy photography in Wellington, this means you can feel confident and at ease during your photo session. We understand that pregnancy can bring about changes in your skin, and our goal is to celebrate this special time without any worries about minor imperfections. The editing process allows us to focus on capturing your radiant glow and the joy of your pregnancy, while subtly removing any marks you might be concerned about.

Our commitment to providing exceptional maternity photography includes meticulous attention to detail in post-processing. This ensures that your final images are a perfect reflection of this beautiful journey, highlighting the best moments and creating timeless keepsakes you will cherish forever.