General FAQs

What services do you offer?

At Ruchika Jain Photography, we specialize in a wide range of photography services including family photography, maternity and newborn photography, kids portraits, headshots, wedding photography, and wedding videography. Our goal is to capture beautiful and memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

How can I book a session with you?

Booking a session with us is simple and convenient. You can visit our website and go to the “Book Now” section where you can select the type of photography service you are interested in. Choose your preferred date and time, and follow the instructions to complete the booking process. We will then confirm your session within the next 2-3 days.

Do you have a studio or do you shoot on location?

We offer both studio and on-location photography sessions. Our studio is equipped with professional lighting and backdrops to create a comfortable and controlled environment. However, if you prefer a specific location for your session, such as a park or your home, we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

How long does a typical session last?

The duration of a session depends on the type of photography service you choose. Maternity session, Kids portraits , Headshots (personal branding), Glam session) last 1-2 hours, Pre-wedding, Family and newborn session usually last around 2-3 hours, while newborn sessions may take longer to allow for feeding and soothing the baby. For wedding photography and videography, we offer customizable packages based on your needs and preferences.

Can you help with posing and styling?

Absolutely! We understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Our experienced photographers will guide you throughout the session, suggesting poses and providing direction to capture your best angles. We can also assist with styling and recommend suitable outfits or props to enhance the overall look and feel of your photos.

How long does it take to receive the final images?

After your session, our dedicated team will carefully select and edit the best images to ensure they meet our high standards. The editing process typically takes 3-4 weeks. Once your images are ready, we will be in touch and we can show all the photos provide you with a private online gallery where you can conveniently view and download your photos.

Can I order prints or albums from you?

Yes, we offer a variety of professional print products and albums to showcase your favorite images. You can choose from different sizes, finishes, and customizations to create a personalized keepsake. We also provide guidance and assistance in selecting the best print options for your specific needs.

What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, requiring you to reschedule or cancel your session. We kindly ask for at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to make any changes. The session fee is non-refundable but can be applied towards a future session if rescheduled within a reasonable time frame.

Newborn Photoshoot FAQs

When should I schedule a NewBorn photo shoot?

It’s best to schedule your newborn shoot during the first two weeks of their life, ideally between 5 to 10 days after birth. if you have got late we can always do it later as well, do get in touch to discuss

How long does a newborn photo shoot last?

Newborn shoots usually last between 2-3 hours to allow enough time for feeding, changing, and soothing the baby.

What do I need to bring for the shoot?

Baby Bag – Change Mat, Nappies, wet wipes, Nappy bags,
Milk Supply – 3-4 Bottles of milk, Burp cloth, Feeding pillow, etc.
Any favourite prop or customised item that you want to include in the shoot. Its not necessary.
Some favourite snack and drink for yourself.
Pacifier/Dummy (Even if you don’t use it, please bring it as it is quite helpful to settle babies during different poses.

Can I bring props or special items to include in the shoot?

Yes, we encourage you to bring items that have special meaning to you, such as blankets, toys, or clothing.

What if my baby is fussy or won’t cooperate during the shoot?

We understand that newborns can be unpredictable, so we allow plenty of time for breaks and calming the baby. Our experienced photographers have techniques to soothe fussy babies and capture beautiful images.

How do I prepare my baby for the shoot?

We recommend keeping the baby awake for at least an hour before the session, so they are more likely to sleep during the shoot.
Please give the baby a sponge clean or bath before coming to the shoot and dress them in loose or easy-to-remove clothes.

Maternity Photoshoot FAQs

When is the best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot?

It’s best to schedule your maternity shoot between 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy when your belly is nicely round but you are still comfortable moving around.

Can I bring my partner or family members to the Maternity Photo shoot?

Yes, we encourage partners and family members to join in the shoot to make it a special and memorable experience.

What should I wear for the Maternity shoot?

To ensure you have an incredible experience and feel absolutely stunning during your maternity shoot, we have curated an exclusive collection of exquisite maternity gowns from around the world. Our range offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes, catering to every body type. Each gown is carefully crafted and custom designed with super stretchy fabrics that gracefully adapt to your changing body, ensuring both comfort and a flawless fit. During the fitting, we can also make minor adjustments to ensure that the gown is perfect for you. We truly believe that every client deserves to feel amazing and create lasting memories, which is why our maternity gowns are included in your package. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive, as they fall in love with the gowns and often express how they never want to take them off. We’re dedicated to making you feel your absolute best, and our stunning maternity gowns are an integral part of that experience.

Can I choose the location for the shoot?

Yes, we offer both studio and outdoor sessions and you can choose the location that best suits your vision.

Can I get my hair and makeup done in the studio?

Yes, we book a professional hair and makeup artist for you to give you the best makeover in the studio just before the shoot. Please discuss for details.

What about pigmentation and stretch marks? Won’t they make my photos look off?

Don’t worry about them at all. We can remove any unwanted marks in the editing process, ensuring you have beautiful and flawless photos.

Cake Smash Photoshoot FAQs

When should I book the cake smash session?

The best time is any time after 10th month or around the actual birthday. If you have missed it, that’s also fine, we can still plan how we can get the best out of it, please get in touch to discuss.

I have never had a photoshoot in the past. What happens if my baby starts crying looking at the cake?

All babies are different and they react differently when they come for the session, some are very happy, some get a bit nervous in the beginning, but don’t worry we are experts in our job and we would keep you and your baby happy and look after you well. We have lot of little toys and ways to engage your child to get the best out of your child. If the baby doesn’t want to dig in to the cake at all, we can always have a little play besides the cake and just drop a bit of it on sides.

How long is the Cake Smash session?

Cake smash session usually lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, with enough time in between for Feeds, changes, settling, clean up etc.

What do I need to bring for the session?

You would need to bring a cake (unless we have organised it on your request) and change of clothes along with the regular baby bag.
Here is a Quick checklist on what to bring to your baby’s cake smash session –

Any of his favourite soft toys, walkers etc that your child enjoys playing with riding on or you would just like to add them to the set up.
Change of clothes for everyone as you all might get cake on your clothes too.
Towels and wipes etc for baby
Extra Bags to keep clothes which get cake on them.
Snacks and drink for baby and yourself
Favourite Light and sound toy
Baby wash if u want to use yours, I have Johnsons Baby Bath we could use that if you don’t have any preference.
Baby’s favourite bath toys
Any of her favourite spoon for eating cake, otherwise we do have spoons
Any of cake toppers if you like otherwise I have some options

How soon after the Cake Smash will I receive my photos?

We typically deliver the final edited images within 2-3 weeks after the shoot. We provide a password-protected online gallery where you can view and download your images.