Covid19 Safety Plan

In these uncertain times, we understand that you may have concerns surrounding the health of yourself and your loved ones and might have questions about what we’re doing to protect ourselves from the lingering threat of COVID-19.

 We have used the last few months to improve our systems to ensure we are 100% COVID-19 compliant. We will continue to use these processes while monitoring Government guidelines and the constantly evolving ACT Health advice.

1. Physical Distancing for Covid19 safety plan

In line with current guidelines, we will ensure there are no more than the maximum allowed number of people allowed in the studio or as determined by the size of the space. Physical distancing extends to our team – when possible, our staff work from home to ensure their personal safety and to prevent possible exposure to our clients. We have two team members working in similar roles and when they are working in the studio, they alternate days to ensure we are minimising exposure. 

Where possible, we will practice and ensure physical distancing during your session. To assist with this, we request that only family members who will be photographed attend the session. We also ask that only decision-makers be present for all other consultations, including photo reveals. 

There may be times when your photographer will need to touch you or your child, permission is always requested first, unless in the instance of a person’s safety (ie. to prevent them from falling). 

To minimise contact, we have a contactless payment option including contactless EFTPOS, online bank transfer, online card payment. 

2. Hygiene

At the entrance of our studio, we provide a hand sanitiser. We request that all visitors please use this upon entering.

Each photographer has their own set of equipment, and all our photography equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after each session to minimise the spread of germs.

We will thoroughly wash all fabrics used during your session, and any props used or handled will also be cleaned. All clothing worn on the day of your session will be freshly laundered.

We ask that clients do not touch our equipment during your session and regrettably cannot assist you in taking photos with your phone or another device.

All prints and other printed photo products that arrive in the studio are packed following hygienic practices by our suppliers and are sanitised before your collection from the studio or delivered to your home.

3. Masks

Where mandated by the ACT government, your photographer will always wear masks during your consult or session. In the case that your photography session takes place at a time where mask-wearing is currently required, you will also be required to wear a mask, except for when you cannot reasonably wear the mask, such as in providing our service – i.e. when we are taking your photo. It is required that you place your mask back on after your photo session.

We provide masks for your use, and you can find them next to our hand sanitiser. 

In the instance that we cannot reasonably communicate with you, or if the mask is distressing you or someone in your family, you can request that your photographer remove their mask in order for them to conduct their session, as long as social distancing is maintained.

Fabric masks are washed daily, and disposable masks are replaced daily.

4a. Check-in CBR App

At the entrance to our studio, you will find a QR-code check-in poster. We ask that all visitors please check in upon entry per ACT Health guidelines.

4b. Record keeping

We keep records of all visitors to the studio. In the instance of one of our team testing positive to COVID-19, our studio will provide ACT Government with these records to inform our clients of any potential exposure.

5. Are we vaccinated?

All of our photographers have had their second vaccinations administered since late September! We have one staff member who is due for their second vaccination on the 25th of October. 

6. Booked in and feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell the day of your session, please stay home. We will make every effort to accommodate you in these uncertain times, and if necessary, we can reschedule your session. 

The same goes for us as photographers – should we be unwell in the lead-up to your session and another photographer is not available to step in, we will notify you and go ahead with your session upon recovery and receiving a negative COVID-19 test result.